Monday, January 12, 2015

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York

The Honorable Andrew M. Coumo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
State St. and Washington Ave.
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12224
Dear Governor Coumo,

My name is Matthew Winick with a strong interest in studying history, government, criminal justice system, some business, and science.  These subjects especially history are my favorite because I like to understand the need to improve society, advance on Civil Rights to help people who are different from discrimination, have government reform with campaign finance reform to reduce corruption in the system, have checks and balances in the criminal justice system to protect people’s civil liberties while reducing crime, have healthcare reform to help people with health problems get the care they need, and protect the environment by conservation including promoting renewable energy like wind, solar, biofuel, with energy efficient products.  I want to send my sympathy to you and your family about losing your father Governor Mario Cuomo.  Your father Mario Cuomo is a true inspiration to me because when I took a history class I enjoyed learning about your father’s work as Governor of New York.  Your father made a great difference for history and me. I was amazed when I learned how he accomplish different achievements as Governor of New York like supporting women’s rights, making Civil Rights stronger to protect people who are different from discrimination, support healthcare reform to help people who live in poverty including children and seniors get the healthcare they need, protect the environment by promoting renewable energy, and combating against AIDS epidemic.  His works got me really interested in studying history and government and understand the need for reform to help the people.

Governor Coumo, from studying your father’s work and from my opinion history perspective from studying history I believe that you are doing a great job keeping up on your father’s legacy.   Governor Coumo, I find your work to be amazing and common sense. For example allowing same-sex marriage including more rights for same-sex couples to be protected from discrimination, promote equal pay for everyone so they won’t be discriminated in the workforce, support women’s rights, work on promoting renewable energy with improving public safety, having background checks with gun sales regulation to reduce gun violence, and work on reforming the criminal justice system like finding ways to end “stop and frisk”, allow DNA to be collected for different crimes to help sort out the innocent when they are accused of a crime, finding ways to improve voter’s right by extending early voting so people can get to the voting booths, and promote campaign finance reform including Public Integrity Reform Act  to reduce corruption in elections and require financial disclosures of government officials.  I find your work as Governor of New York very inspiring and make a great example of what reforms should be.   After taking classes in government, history, and intro to criminal justice I started to research different ideas of reform that my instructors helped me interested in.  Your work on these reforms is similar to my ideas for a better future from what I learn.   When I took a criminal justice class I learned about the court system, Miranda rights, civil liberties, law enforcement procedures, different laws, and how the criminal justice system works. I enjoy learning about the system, however when learning about the system I was shocked about how the system had some flaws. My criminal justice instructor worked with me on creating ideas for reform for the criminal justice system like alternative sentencing like community service or treatment programs for non-violent offenders, extend rights for  juveniles, have treatment programs with counseling to help drug users to reduce drug rates and reduce harsh sentencing, end racial profiling to protect safety for minorities, have DNA testing for evidence to reduce putting innocents in a prison for a crime they didn’t commit, have a community relations program where law enforcement meets with mayor or government officials meet with concerned citizen to find ways to reduce tensions between public and law enforcement, have programs to help victims of violence, and educational programs to educate people about the need to reduce gun violence with drug abuse.  I like using from what I learn from history, government, and criminal justice to understand the need for reform, create new ideas, and to find ways where we can’t repeat the same mistakes in the past. Governor Coumo, I hope you can use my ideas to help you reform the criminal justice system for your next term.

I want to send my prayers with thoughts to you for losing your father. Your father really inspired me to pursue interest in studying history, government, and the criminal justice system.  I also believe that you and your father are making a great difference with great reform and ideas.  Someday I plan on using what I learn especially history, government, and criminal justice to teach people about the need for reform in different areas or work to find ways to improve on social justice.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, listening to me about different ideas to reform the criminal justice system, and being an inspiration to me with your father’s work. I want to wish you well for a second term as Governor of New York. Even though times are hard when you lose a father I want you to continue having the courage to make a difference with reform and find ways to make a place a better place for the future like your father.

Matthew B. Winick

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