Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bill Moyers

Mr. Bill Moyers
Public Affairs Television
250 West 57th Street
Suite 718
New York, NY 10107

Dear Mr. Moyers,

My name is Matthew Winick and I am a fan of your show The Bill Moyer Show.  Your show and you make a great example of what the new media should be today because you and the Moyer media do such a great job connecting with people on their issues, explain about the issues that we face today, and by explaining the need for reform to end the abuse of authorities, corruption of elections with politicians from special interest groups, financial institutions, and lobbying groups.  Mr. Moyers, you are a true inspiration for me because you with your work on your show really helped get me interested in studying history to learn not to repeat the same mistakes, understand the need to advance on Civil Rights for people who are different (minorities, gender, people with different orientation, and people with disabilities) to end discrimination, protect the environment from pollution by using renewable energy with environment protection, Voter’s protection with registration rights, have checks and balances to protect people’s civil liberties when dealing with crime, and government reform to reduce corruptions with dark money in elections.  Mr. Moyers, I have autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning new subjects, it also takes me longer to learn new things at a normal pace, and I get teased by other people. You have made a difference for me to be interested in learning history and making your shows with news reporting and interviews easy for me to comprehend on understanding the world, issues, and history.   I heard that you were ending your show in January and I wanted to say thank you for making the news media fair with your approach by expanding on different ideas to improve our future, bring common sense to viewers like me about different issues, and having interviews where there is a balance between you and the guest. Also thank you for getting me inspired to be motivated to learn history and I will remember on how you made a great difference for me, history, the media, and the world. I wish you well when you retire. I plan for the future to use my ideas with learning from history to teach people about the need to make a world a better place with Civil Rights to end discrimination, protect the environment using renewable energy from pollution, have government reform to end corruption with money influence in elections, and a checks and balances to protect people’s civil liberties when dealing with crime.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and I am sending you a copy of my story about working on my struggles with how you made a great difference for me. My story is a present for you for your hard work and your activism really helped me get inspired to write a story about my life with working hard to overcome my struggle.

Matthew B. Winick

These are the DVDs of Mr. Bill Moyer's work that he sent me. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Robert Redford, American Actor

Robert Redford
Sundance Resort
8841 N. ALPINE Loop Road
Sundance, UT 84604-5338

Dear Mr. Redford,

My name is Matthew Winick and I enjoy watching you act in movies.  My favorite movies are War Hunt, Barefoot in the Park, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The President’s Men, The Sting, and the Brubaker.  Mr. Redford I though you did a great job teaming up with Mr. Paul Newman on The Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. You both really made these movies great.  Mr. Redford I really have a strong interest in learning different subjects like history, environment, and the criminal justice system. I really enjoy learning these subjects so I can learn more about how society works and learn the needs for reform to make a world a better place.  The Brubaker movie where you played as a prison warden working to reform the system got me really interested in learning about the criminal justice system. After watching that movie it made me take an Intro To Criminal Justice class at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The class was very interesting and I got to learn how the system works, the courts, law enforcement, civil liberties, and laws. The class got me really interested and you when you played in Brubaker on working on new ideas to reform the Criminal Justice System by alternative sentencing for non-violent criminals including victimless criminals, more rehab programs to reduce drug abuse, more rights for juveniles, more educational programs to help address the need to reduce gun violence with drug abuse, and the need to protect our civil liberties from being violated.  As a person who likes historical movies I really thought you did a great job playing The Sundance Kid and also in All The President’s Men I thought you did a great job playing Bob Woodward.

Mr. Redford I am also amazed by your work as an activist to protect the environment and I agree with you the need to protect the environment. I believe that same thing you do is clean energy like wind, solar, and energy efficient products to help protect the environment from pollution and high energy cost. Keep up the good work advocating for a better environment. Also I look forward to see you play in movies in the future. Keep up the good work on addressing the need to protect the environment and support equal rights.


Matthew Winick