Friday, January 16, 2015

Governor John A. Kitzhaber of Oregon

Governor John Kitzhaber
Attn: Citizen’s Representative
160 State Capitol
900 Court Street
Salem, Oregon 97301-4047
Dear Governor Kitzhaber,

My name is Matthew Winick and I find your work on improving healthcare to help people afford getting the care they need, protecting the environment by promoting renewable energy with conservation, and creating a coalition group to help fix the economy very inspiring to me. I have a strong interest in studying history, government, and the criminal justice. I enjoy studying these subjects because I want to learn not to repeat the same mistakes, have reforms to improve society, understand the need to protect the environment from pollution by promoting renewable energy with conservation, advance on Civil Rights to end discrimination for people who are different, and have checks and balances in the criminal justice system to protect people’s civil liberties when dealing with reducing crime.  I plan on using what I learn from these subjects especially history to teach people about the need to create new ideas of reforms to make society better with the ideas that I mentioned. When you were legislator in the Oregon State Senate I was amazed when you sponsor the Oregon Health Plan, state healthcare system to help people who are poor or who can’t afford health insurance get the benefits with medical care they need.  Your commitment to work on making healthcare available to people who can’t afford insurance is a great achievement and it really inspires me because I feel confident that there are people who are advocates for health care reform like you. Even though I don’t live in Oregon I truly appreciate your activism to make healthcare affordable for people who can’t afford it.

Besides your work on healthcare I find your work as Governor of Oregon to be very inspirational to me with your work to protect the environment by advocating to protect the environment while maintaining conservation.   While you were Governor I was amazed by your approach on protecting the environment like restoring watershed health in order to protect people’s health by having water as a drinking source and protecting salmon fish from be endangered or threaten. Also I like your other approach by advocating for alternative energy with renewable energy to protect the environment while having a sustainable life with jobs. Another thing I like about your work, as governor is your support for people who are different like minorities, gender, people with disabilities, and people with different preferences to be protected from discrimination. I myself have Autism with a learning disability and I am inspired by your work with activism to help people with disabilities and other people who are different to be protected from discrimination in jobs, education, public places, and Civil Rights. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning new subjects at a pace and get teased by other people. However, I have benefited through the ADA because it helped me get an education by having accommodations to help learn different subjects like extended time on exams, use a recorder to help me improve on note taking, and have special education including Learning Support Services help me work on comprehension with tutors. Also The ADA expanded more on Civil Rights for me to be protected from discrimination. Even though I have benefited from the ADA I still have trouble with a disability, but I am proud to have many people who work hard being an activist like you to help people with disabilities.

Governor Kitzhaber, I am truly inspired by your work to help people who can’t afford the healthcare they need, protect the environment by promoting renewable energy, advancing on more rights to protect people from discrimination, and restoring lands to protect wildlife while maintaining people’s life from harm. Your approach is common sense. From a history perspective in my opinion I believe that your ideas are making a great difference. Also I agree with you on making environment better by using renewable energy with restoring land to protect wildlife and maintain people’s way of life from pollution or harm, and promoting equal rights to end discrimination. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and best luck on continuing your role as Governor of Oregon.


Matthew B. Winick

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing, Michigan

Mayor Virg Bernero
9th Floor City Hall
124 W. Michigan
Lansing, MI 48933

Dear Mayor Bernero,

My name is Matthew Winick and I had been a volunteer on your campaign for governor for the 2010 Michigan gubernatorial election. Mayor Bernero, I really had the pleasure working on your campaign because I agree with your ideas to help Michigan like funding money for education, help small business from being heavily taxed, improve public safety, and help Michigan minimum wage workers like me. I felt sorry that you were aggressively attacked negatively by Rick Snyder and other special interest groups. Snyder’s attack made me get interested to be active on your campaign and to vote for you. Even though you lost the election, however I am proud that you had the courage to advocate for a better middle class, better education, improve Civil Rights, and more things to help minimum wage workers when most political parties ignore people due to being influenced by special interest groups with lobbying.

Mayor Bernero, your issues and your campaign really helped me get inspire and to learn history. I believe that history is a good thing for society to remind ourselves the need to improve society by reforming the criminal justice system to have checks and balances when dealing with crime an protecting people’s civil liberties, the need to help the poor including low income, minimum wage workers, and middle class with getting jobs, a need for job training programs to help train workers for the economy, create jobs in our country to reduce losing jobs overseas, improve Civil Rights to protect people who are different, and to better protect the environment from pollution by using renewable energy with environmental protection. These ideas and your ideas are mainstream and not an ideology issue. I plan for my future to use my knowledge of learning history to make a world a better place.

Thanks for your hard work on advocating for a better future for Michiganders like me, taking the time to read my letter, and having the confidence to run for governor. Even though you lost, from my perspective on studying history I believe that you made a great difference for our state and that your ideas will live on for the future, mine, and many generations. I wish you well as your role as Mayor of Lansing and continue on advocating for all Michiganders like me for a better future and new ideas to help our state.

Matthew B. Winick

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mike Henry "Family Guy"


Mike Henry
“Family Guy”
Fox Television Animation
5700 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 325
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Dear Mr. Henry,

My name is Matthew Winick and I am a huge fan of watching Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.  Mr. Henry, I really enjoy you voicing Cleveland Brown, Peter Griffin’s best friend.  Also I think you really do a great job teaming up with Seth MacFarlane on making Family Guy and The Cleveland Show a great comedy to watch and having different parodies with analogies.  In 2009, I was excited to hear when they created The Cleveland Show starring you as Cleveland Brown in his hometown Virginia. The Cleveland show was really great and I enjoy the characters that you interacted with like Donna, Roberta, Rallo, Cleveland Jr., Lester, and Holt. I enjoy watching every episode of  The Cleveland Show. When they cancelled the show I was sad because I really enjoy how you help me understand more about Cleveland Brown’s origin with his background story. However I was happy that you had the chance to have your own show and that you really made The Cleveland Show fun to watch. Also I’m glad that your character Cleveland Brown is coming back to Family Guy.  I’m sure that you will do fine in the future on making comedy fun along with continuing making Family Guy fun to watch with your character Cleveland Brown. Mr. Henry, I am inspired by you and Seth MacFarlane to enjoy comedy with jokes. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard to make Cleveland Brown to be a funny character, and making comedy fun with humor. I wish you well for the future in your comedy acting roles and wish you good luck on making season 13 in Family Guy fun, funny, and great humor to watch.


Matthew  Winick