Monday, July 13, 2015

Mr. Dustin Hoffman, American Actor

Mr. Dustin Hoffman
c/o Punch Productions, Inc.
Suite 222
11661 San Vincente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90049
Dear Mr. Hoffman,

My name is Matt Winick and I am a fan of your acting in different movies. My favorite movies that you played in are The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Lenny, All the President’s Men, Tootsie, Death of The Salesman, Rainman, Kung-Fu Panda, The Tale of Despereaux, and Last Chance Harvey. Also I enjoyed watching you star in Luck, a TV show.   In The Graduate, I thought you did a great job playing Benjamin Braddock because I liked on how you made him a interesting character where he is trying to find what he wants in life after graduating from college.  In Lenny I was amazed on how you made Lenny Bruce an interest character by making him have a comedic side while dealing with a drug addiction because he struggles with life. The movie Lenny got  me to be very interested in studying history and learning on how famous people use different work to make an event or a difference for history or an event.  All The President’s Men is one of my favorite movies because I thought you and Mr. Robert Redford did a great job teaming up to make the movie interesting by playing Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, two reporters investigating the Watergate Scandal.  This movie helped me get interested in American history to learn about the need to reduce corruption in government.  In 2008, I enjoyed watching Last Chance Harvey because I liked the story about Harvey Shine, a musician who works on making music for TV commercials and decides to travel to London to go to his daughter’s wedding where Harvey meets a girl named Kate and they develop a friendship later turned into a friendship. The reason I enjoyed the movie is because I liked your acting and I like the story about how Harvey works hard connecting with his daughter by going to her wedding and looking for a fresh start for a friendship with a relationship.
 I consider Rain Man one of my top favorite movies because I really liked on how you and Mr. Tom Cruise made it into a great movie with a great message.  I really enjoyed the story about Charlie (Tom Cruise) who finds out that his estranged father had passed away and realizing that the father has another son named Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) who is Autistic, where Charlie looks for Raymond where they work hard to bond their friendship with reuniting as brothers.  The movie really had a strong message like the need to help each other out when they have a problem and the need for friendship. Also the movie was great because I really liked on how Charlie is very committed to help Raymond with his disability. Rain Man made a huge impact on me to work hard on dealing with Autism and it gave me motivation about the need to work hard on overcoming struggles and trying my best to find with working on friendship.  I was born with Autism and it is very difficult because I faced many struggles like having trouble speaking when taking to other people, having trouble on comprehension when learning different subjects, and people teased me about having it. When I was a little kid I had trouble with behavior including where I couldn’t talk, but I had a speech therapist Pam where she worked with me on speech, learning short words, working on pronouncing. She even worked with me on trying to learn how to do different stuff like swimming, riding a bike, and many others. In elementary school through college I struggled with Autism because I had very difficulty comprehending on learning subjects at a normal rate and people teased me about it. When people teased me about it I felt sad because it was very difficult of having friends. However The ADA, Special Education, T.A., and tutors worked with me on my disability with helping me get an education by having accommodations like extra time on exams, getting a T.A. or a Tutor help me on learning subjects to improve comprehension, have close caption with subtitles when watching tv, movies, or documentaries to help me with vocabulary or understand a topic, and have technology like educational software and a recorder to help my disability including helping me read or work on assignments. Your character Raymond, your portrayal of him, and Rain Man helped and inspired me to work hard on Autism and I am very proud of your hard work in the movie.

Mr. Hoffman, I am proud to consider you one of my favorite actors because you do such a great job making the characters that you play have an interesting background.  Also your work in Rain Man really made a great difference for me to work hard on Autism, find ways to have friendship, and to have fun learning different subjects like history.  Mr. Hoffman, also I am proud to call you a true role model for me because I like on your activism to help advocate for people with disabilities including Autism.  I’m sending you a story about working hard on autism with my handwritten dedication to you, $3 for you to donate to a charity to help people with Autism, and a birthday card as a gift for your birthday on August 8th.  Also I’m sending you a card because I was wondering if you could please take the time to respond back to me on what you think of my letter, my story, and please explain more about your advice on how to overcome struggles with a disability because it would really mean a lot to me and it really can help me get even more motivated.  I look forward to see you play in more movies for the future and Ill be very glad to continue supporting you by watching more movies of you.   Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, my story, inspiring me, and taking the time to respond back to me with your advice.

Matt Winick