Friday, December 20, 2013


JFK Library and Museum sent me a letter after I donated $10 to the JFK Library and Museum and written a letter to the museum about how JFK is my favorite President of the United States because his strong support for Civil Rights, equal pay, people with disabilities rights, creating the space program, to improve relations with the Soviet Union, and created the Peace Corps to help other nations with assistance like food and other needs. Also in the letter I also mentioned how the Kennedy family have made a great difference to help and inspire people.
For my birthday I got a DVD of JFK 50th Years DVD about JFK's life, his speeches, and reflection on his life. Also I got a Campaign sticker of a replica Kennedy For President. Finally I got a magazine highlighting JFK achievements.

As I was searching more about JFK and Cuba I found a link from Michael Moore about JFK trying to reach out to Cuba to have peace before his assassination

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