Saturday, June 27, 2015

Secretary of State James Baker III

Secretary James Baker III
Baker Institute for Public Policy
Rice University MS-40
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892

Dear Secretary Baker,

My name is Matthew Winick and I have a strong interest in learning American History, American government with elections, and world history.  These subjects are my favorite because I want to understand the need not to repeat the same mistakes in the past, to innovate new ideas, find ways to improve the world with learning about their culture, learn the need for human rights, peace, re-fixing relations with countries,  combating against global warming, the need to advance on Civil Right to end discrimination for people who are different and to recognize famous people along with minorities, gender, and people with different preferences’ work on making society better.  Secretary Baker, I find your role as Secretary of State and your commitment to find solutions to make world a better place.

I enjoyed researching your work as Secretary of State under George H.W. Bush administration. When you were Secretary of State I was really amazed by your work helping President Bush on the Middle East along with dealing with the post Cold War era.  During the Gulf War, I was amazed how you constructed 34 different nations to help the United States against Iraq to protect Kuwait from the invasion.  Another thing I liked about your work as Secretary of State is working with Nelson Mandela on ending Apartheid in South Africa. Secretary Baker, I learned more about your work under President Gerald Ford as Secretary of Commerce when I visited The Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids. At the museum I found President Ford’s presidency and life very interesting with his achievements. When I saw you giving a speech at the Gerald Ford Museum explaining about his legacy I was very proud of your commitment to help President Ford during hard times. Your speech really motivated me to understand and learn about President Ford’s courage to make our country a better place.

Besides your work as Secretary of State I like how you work with other political parties to solve different issues like the need for human rights, promote fair democratic elections in different countries, finding ways to rebuilt trust between the U.S. with other countries, and expressing the need for a Middle East Peace. Also I liked when you teamed up with former President Jimmy Carter on expressing the need for federal elections reform to reduce waste and corruption. I enjoy reading your memoirs “Work Hard Study…. And Keep Out of Politics and Adventures” and “Lessons from an Unexpected Public Life.”  Your memoirs really help me understand what it is like working in presidential administration, understand Secretary of State’s role, having to deal with the Cold War.  Your work as Secretary of State really inspire me to be motivated to learn more about world history with culture with understanding the need to improve relations with other countries, a strong need for human rights, and the need to work together to reduce conflicts with combating against global warming. My main goal is to use history with learning about world culture is to find ways to make a world a better place with fair human rights, free elections, peace, better relations with countries, and to make history a better place for learning and make museums with memorials a better learning environment. My ideal career is to be a history teacher or a museum worker to help inspire people to work together, make learning fun and positive.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, making a difference, and listening about my interest in history with studying world culture.


Matthew B. Winick 

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