Monday, September 28, 2015

Mr. Paul A. Volcker

Mr. Paul A. Volcker
Chairman of The Volcker Alliance
c/o The Volcker Alliance
560 Lexington Avenue, Suite 16B
New York, NY  10022

Dear Mr. Volcker,

My name is Matthew Winick from Ann Arbor, Michigan with a strong interest in studying history with some business. The main reason I have a strong interest in learning these subjects is to learn the need to advance on Civil Rights to reduce discrimination, need for job training programs to help train workers along with youth to help improve on their job skills, a strong need to have government reform to reduce corruption in elections including public officials, and have regulations on financial institutions along with Wall Street from committing fraud, waste, and abuse even crash on the middle class.  My goal in the future is to continue learning different subjects and to teach people about the need to improve society. Mr. Volcker, the reason I’m writing you a letter is because I find your work as Chairman of Federal Reserve, as President Economic Recovery Advisory Board under President Obama, and later as an activist to improve the economy.

When you served as 12th Chairman of the Federal Reserve, I liked on how you worked with Democratic President Jimmy Carter on finding ways to reduce stagflation in the 1970s and also I liked on how you advocated for the need to regulate financial institutions to reduce a crash in the economy when both political parties supported deregulation on banks including financial institutions which caused a damage on the economy.  After you left being Chairman of the Federal Reserve I liked on you worked with the U.N. on researching corruption in the Iraqi Oil for Food Program to help reduce waste on taxpayer’s money and to even reduce conflict of interest.  I liked on how you decided to be a participate on a documentary called Inside Job to express the need to end abuse, fraud, and corruption on Wall Street with the need to reduce high pay raises for Wall Street CEOs.  When President Obama Got elected for his 1st term I liked on how you accepting being appointed as Chairperson of President Economic Recovery Advisory Board to work with the President on finding ways to improve the economy.  When you were President Economic Recovery Advisory Board, I liked you advised on President Obama on the need to have the American Recovery Act, a stimulus package to create job-training programs to help train people to develop job skills to help improve the economy with the work force. Also In your role I like on how worked with President Obama on creating the idea called “The Volker Rule” to add regulations on Wall Street including financial institutions by prohibiting deposit-making institutions including commercial banks from investing in hedge funds, proprietary trading, and private equity.  When you left the advisory board, I liked on how you continue being an activist for campaign finance reform to reduce money from financial institutions from corrupting elections including public officials, advocating for the need to break up the big banks so they won’t crash again, and expand on regulatory laws to combat against waste, fraud, and abuse caused by the financial institutions to help protect middle class, home owners, taxpayers, and students.

Mr. Volcker, your work on economics with being an advocate for the need to regulate Wall Street including financial institutions from crashing again got me really inspired to take “Intro to Business”, a business class at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In “Intro to Business” class, I got to learn about how business including small business works, learn different business terms, and how laws affect a business including the economy.  I had a great instructor named Kimberly Hurns because she went the extra-mile to show the class including me documentaries and giving lectures about the need for regulations on financial institutions to prevent them from committing fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption against middle class, the history about how the financial institutions played a role in causing an financial collapse.  After taking the class I really enjoyed learning about how the economy works, the need for regulations on financial institutions to prevent them from crashing with abusing their power, and continue watching documentaries about the need for reform to make society better by reducing corruption, abuse, waste, and fraud.  

Mr. Volker, thanks for taking the time to read my letter, inspiring me to become more aware about the need to reform financial institutions to protect middle class, students, taxpayers, and the economy from fraud including abuse caused by financial institutions, and working hard to make society better through your role as an activist, as 12 Chairman of Federal Reserve, and as Chairperson of President Economic Recovery Advisory Board.  I wish you well at The Volcker Alliance where you can continue pushing for advocacy for the need to end the abuse, fraud, waste, and even corruption caused by the financial institutions including Wall Street.

Matthew B. Winick

Mr. Paul A Volcker sent me financial reports from his foundation.

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