Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ms. Amanda Seyfried

Ms. Amanda Seyfried
c/o Mailbox Pack & Ship
PMB 216
3140 Tilghman Street, Suite B
Allentown, PA  18104

Dear Ms. Seyfried,

My name is Matt Winick and I am a fan of your acting in different movies including my favorite tv show Big Love.  My favorite movies that you played in are Nine Lives,  Alpha Dogs,  Dear John,  Letters To Juliet,  Red Riding Hood,  LoveLace, and Ted 2.  In Big Love, I thought you did a great job acting as Sarah Henerickson. The main reason I like her in the show because I like on how she works hard to overcoming struggles on dealing with her father’s polygamy.  Ms. Seyfried, I have a strong interest in studying history and my favorite part in history is studying famous people who work hard to make a difference or overcome a struggle.  Lovelace was a great biographical movie because I enjoyed learning about Linda Lovelace’s life on how she struggled in the porn industry, dealing with abuse, and finally escaping that part of life including being an activist against porn industries.  I thought you were great portraying Linda Lovelace in the movie.   Also I think you do such a great job playing in romantic comedy movies because I like on how you have a balance with comedy and drama.  In 2015, I enjoyed watching Ted 2, a sequel to the first Ted movie. I enjoyed the story of Ted 2 about Ted, a teddy bear fighting for his Civil Rights when authorities treat him as a property where he gets help from his friend John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) and a lawyer Samantha Leslie Jackson played by you.  I thought you did a great job teaming up with Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg on making Ted 2 fun to watch and adding comedy.  I hope that there is a third sequel to Ted with you starring again with Mark Walhberg because both of you did a great job having a relationship in the movie where your characters Samantha and John worked together on overcoming different obstacles.

Ms. Seyfried, I am proud to call you one if my favorite actresses because you do such a great job acting in different genres ranging from biopic, comedy, romantic, and thriller.  You have also inspired me to continue learning history including studying famous people on how they make a difference or work hard to overcome their struggles through your role in Lovelace.  We have the same birthday which is December 3rd and I was born on December 3rd.  I’m sending you a birthday card wishing you a happy birthday, a picture of me including a donation to you to help fund your goal on helping end childhood hunger in America as a gift for your birthday. Your activism to help reduce childhood hunger in America is very inspiring to me and commonsense because I agree with on the need to help the poor, give children access to food including nutrition. I wish you the best luck on your campaign to end childhood hunger and the future for acting in different movies. Keep up the good work and make acting career including the world a better place.


Matt Winick

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