Friday, February 26, 2016

Ms. Robin Tunney

Ms. Robin Tunney
SmokeFall (Until March 13 2016)
c/o Lucille Lortel Theater
121 Christopher Street
New York, NY  10014

Dear Ms. Tunney,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your acting in my favorite tv show The Mentalist.  The main reason I really liked The Mentalist because I liked on how the show did a great job mixing humor with drama and even gave the main character Mr. Patrick Jane a chance for a new life in season 7 after dealing with Red John. On September 23rd 2008, I enjoyed watching the first episode o the show because I enjoyed learning about how Patrick Jane decided to be a consultant for CBI and how your character Teresa Lisbon, Head of CBI became interested in investigating Red John case.  Ms. Tunney, I really thought you did an excellent job portraying as CBI Teresa Lisbon because I liked on how made her be a caring support for CBI consultant Patrick Jane when he struggles with dealing with losing his family, caring about members of her teams well beings, and many others.  As a fan of The Mentalist I enjoyed watching every episode of Season 1 to Season 7. During these seasons I enjoy seeing Mr. Patrick Jane’s humor with using his psychic powers to help solve cases, seeing Mr. Jane work with different members of CBI where they uses different traits to solve cases, and watching Mr. Jane and Ms. Lisbon have a working relationship where they become couples.   

After watching The Mentalist, My family and I went on The Warner Bros Tour in Burbank, California and saw some of the sets where The Mentalist was filmed including learning about interesting facts of the show.  I really enjoyed the tour and had a great experience in learning about film locations, interesting facts, and how they film a show or movie.  Also your role in the Mentalist really inspired me to be a fan of the show and be very interested in learning more about the development of the main characters.   Even though The Mentalist got cancelled after season 7, I strongly believe that you really made a great difference in The Mentalist and making your character CBI Agent Lisbon a great team up with Mr. Patrick Jane.  Also I’m very proud to be a strong fan of the show and enjoy seeing every episode. Also here is a picture of me as a gift to you for inspiring me to be a fan of the show.  I hope someday they can make The Mentalist movie where all the cast members can reunite to solve cases.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter , working hard to make your character have great traits including making The Mentalist show great, and inspiring me. I wish you well on your “SmokeFall” Broadway and for the future for your acting career


Matt Winick

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