Monday, March 21, 2016

Kelli Giddish Law And Order SVU and Chase TV series

Ms. Kelli Giddish
“Law And Order: SVU- Season 17” (Until March 20 2016)
c/o Wolf Films
Pier 62
2nd Floor, Suite 215
23rd St. & Hudson River Park
New York, NY  10011

Dear Ms. Giddish,

My name is Matt Winick and I am a fan of your acting.  My favorite tv shows that you played in were All My Children and Chase.  In All My Children, I thought you did a great job portraying Di Henry because I liked on how you made her have an interesting traits like turning from doing bad things to trying to make a great change to do good things including getting second chances to find friendships. After you left All My Children, I got excited when you starred in NBC crime Drama Chase.  I really enjoyed watching Chase because I enjoyed the plot of the show about U.S. Marshalls in Texas where they catch criminals including fugitives who committed a crime.  I enjoyed watching every episodes because I really enjoyed learning about how U.S. Marshals work together to solve cases, how each members of the team have different techniques, and enjoyed learning more about U.S. Marshal Annie Frost. Ms. Giddish, I thought you did an excellent job acting as U.S. Marshal Annie Frost because I liked on how you made her have great traits like working hard to make sure that her team works together when dealing with a crime, showing compassion on victims of crime to help them get justice they need, and how she works hard to understand her own life. I was sad when the show got cancelled because I enjoyed watching every episode and I really thought you did an excellent job playing for the first time as a law enforcement.

Ms. Giddish, I am proud to consider you one of my favorite tv actress because you do such a great job making your characters in different tv shows. I’m very proud that you got a chance to star in a crime drama show called Chase.  Even though it got cancelled I was really amazed on how hard you worked to make crime drama fun to watch.  Your acting career in TV got me motivated to be interested in watching different drama and to watch reruns of Chase. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and working hard to make TV shows a great to watch.  I wish you well on continuing filming Law And Order SVU and I hope someday you can have your own crime drama show.


Matt Winick

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