Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mr. Daniel Dae Kim Hawaii 5-0

Mr. Daniel Dae Kim
“Hawaii Five-O Season 6”
 c/o Eye Productions
510 18th Avenue
Honolulu, HI  96816

Dear Mr. Kim,

My name is Matt Winick, an Asian American and I’m a fan of Hawaii 5-0. The main reason I enjoy watching the series is because I like on how the show has a mix between comedy with crime, enjoy learning about each of the different main characters use their traits to combat against crime, and enjoy seeing the Hawaii setting in the show.  In 2010, I enjoyed watching the first season because I enjoyed learning about your character and the rest of the main characters on how they work together and many others.  Mr. Kim, I think you do such a great job portraying as Detective Chin Ho Kelly because I like on you make have interesting traits like caring about Kono, his cousin’s wellbeing including his teammates on Hawaii 5-O task force, have a mix of balance between being a serious law enforcement while showing compassion to people who struggle, and many others.  In the show, I liked learning about the origin of you becoming a police officer who worked hard to overcome his struggles of being accused of being corrupt even though he wasn’t corrupt, learning to improve himself with the help of McGarrett’s father when they worked together in the police department, and many others.  Also in the show I like seeing on how Chin Kelly and Kono work together to help each other when they have a struggle with family issues.

Besides Hawaii 5-O, I really enjoyed playing Saints Row series because I liked on how you can customize a character and interact with his gang. I really enjoyed your voice acting of Johnny Gat because I liked on how you made Johnny Gat have humorous quotes and make him have interesting traits like being cocky while being an ally to the Saints.  Besides your acting career, I really like your activism on helping Asian Americans with Asian including their communities get recognize for their culture and how they help make society better. Being an Asian American with a disability which is Autism including a learning disability is hard for me because  I get teased by some Asians including some Asian Americans due to their belief that I’m not perfect like them on education and being cultured.  However, your commitment to help Asians including Asian Americans really inspires me to work hard on Autism and to be proud to be an Asian American and even be interested in learning Asian with Asian American history or culture.

Mr. Kim,  I strongly  believe that you and the rest of the Hawaii 5-O Cast is doing a great  job making the show have a great combination between crime drama and comedy. Also I really like on how this show does a great job showing the need for teamwork to solve cases including reducing crime.  You have inspired me to be a fan of the show, work hard on Autism, and to be proud to be an Asian American with a disability even when I get teased by some Asians or Asian Americans. Here is a picture of me in a Hawaiian Shirt as a gift to you for working hard to make the show great and inspiring me. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, inspiring me, and working hard to make Hawaii 5-O a great show.


Matt Winick

He gave me some advice on a picture of me 

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