Wednesday, October 10, 2018

District Attorney Charles E. Branson of 7th Judicial District from Douglas County, Kansas


District Attorney Charles E. Branson
c/o Douglas County District Attorney’s Office
111 E. 11th Street, Unit 100
Lawrence, KS  66044-2912

Dear District Attorney Branson,

My name is Matthew Winick from Ann Arbor, Michigan with a strong interest in learning history, social justice, and the criminal justice reform. In these subjects, I like to learn the need for criminal justice reform to reduce crime while improve public safety, make Civil Rights stronger to reduce discrimination, and many others.   District Attorney Branson, the main reason I’m writing you a letter is to explain how I find your work as Douglas County District Attorney of the 7th Judicial District and your common sense on criminal justice reform to be very inspiring to me.

In your current role as Douglas County District Attorney of the 7th District, I’m very proud on how you prosecuted people who commit hate-crime on people who are different to protect women, minorities, and people with disabilities rights.  Also on Civil Rights, I really like on how you advocate for people with disabilities’ rights and work with law enforcement agencies to find ways to reduce racial profiling to reduce stereotyping minorities or being aggressive with them. Your approach on criminal justice reform like establish a drug court to help put drug-users in treatment programs to help them get the care they need and create local behavioral health court to help people with mental problems get medical care instead of going through the court system is common sense.  On victims rights, I really like on how you expanded agency’s domestic violence unit to provide special needs for domestic violence survivors and created an educational program to allow victims of crime including witnesses to learn more about the legal process to help give them motivation to trust the system. Another thing that I really like about your role as District Attorney is how you created an active consumer protection division to help investigate against people who commit fraud crimes including property crimes and create educational awareness to help educate people about the need to reduce drug-use along with gun violence.

District Attorney Branson, I have autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning different subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate on my thoughts, and get teased.  Your commitment to be a strong supporter of Civil Rights, combat against hate-crime, and advocate for people with disabilities’ rights really inspires me to work hard on my disability. Also your work on criminal justice reform motivates me to read short articles including watch some documentaries that focus on alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders, the need for more programs to help victims of domestic violence or victims of crime, and many others.   I really like your commitment to criminal justice reform to improve the system to protect people along with make it work for the people who lose faith in the system while reduce crime.  Another thing is your role as current District Attorney drives me to continue my interest in learning history with social justice.  My future goal in these areas is to continue to learn on how criminal justice reform can make a great impact on society, the need to make Civil Rights stronger, improve social justice, and many others

I strongly believe that you are making a great difference for society and the criminal justice system. I appreciate on how you work hard leading a great example of what the system need with common sense solutions.  You have inspired me to work hard on my disability,  have an interest in learning about criminal justice reform, and to continue to be motivated to learn history with social justice.  I was wondering if you could please share what it is like being District Attorney and share some thoughts on criminal justice reform.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, making a great impact, and inspiring me.   I wish you well to continue to advocate with push for criminal justice reform.


Matt Winick

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