Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ms. Joan Van Ark Actress Knot's Landing

Ms. Joan Van Ark
c/o Creative Talent Group
Suite 2475
1900 Avenue of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA  90067

Dear Ms. Van Ark,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your acting. My favorite tv show that you played in was Knots Landing. Knots Landing was a great soap opera because I enjoyed the plot of the show about Gary Ewing and his wife Valene Ewing moving to Los Angeles, California into a neighborhood where they make friends along with dealing with different issues. Ms. Van Ark, I thought you did an excellent job portraying as Valene Ewing because I liked on how you made her have different unique traits like caring about her daughter Lucy Ewing when she has difficulties with life,  working on improving her relationship including friendship with Gary Ewing when they have difficulties in marriage or other life struggles, and many others.   Also I liked in Knots Landing was how Valene Ewing and Gary Ewing would work together when they face challenges and how Valene would help other neighbors when they have struggles.  Another thing that I liked about Knots Landing was how it focus on the importance of friendships when times are hard.  I enjoyed watching re-runs episodes of season 1 through 14.

Ms. Van Ark, I have autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning different advance subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate my thoughts, and get teased. Your role as Valene Ewing in Knots Landing and your work with Mr. Ted Shackelford  (Gary Ewing) really inspires me to work hard on my disability.  Also some of the life lessons in Knots Landing on the need for friendships when times are hard help me to try my best to work hard on understanding how friendships work.

I strongly believe that you are a very talented actress in soap opera. You do such an excellent job making Valene Ewing have different traits.  Also I thought you and Mr. Ted Shackelford really made Valene Ewing and Mr. Gary Ewing a great dynamic couple.  You have inspired me to work hard on my disability, try my best to understand how friendships work, and watch re-runs of Knots Landing. I was wondering if you could please give me some advice about understanding friendships and working hard on my disability when times get hard. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, doing an excellent job acting, and inspiring me. I wish you the best for the future.


Matt Winick

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