Saturday, May 2, 2020

Ms. Jane Lui singer


Ms. Jane Lui
The Cambodian Rock Band (Until March 22 2020)
c/o The Irene Diamond Stage
Signature Theater Company
480 West 42nd Street
New York, NY  10036

Dear Ms. Lui,

My name is Matt Winick an Asian American and I’m a fan of your work as a singer. On Youtube I enjoy hearing you sing different songs in your own version from different artist like Dreams The Cranberries,  Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are, and many others. Some of my favorite songs that you made were Jailcard, Yellow Light, Firefly, and many others. What I like about your singing is how you make the lyrics creative and have a balance of music while singing the song.  Also in some of your songs I like on how you  have some symbolisms like the need for friendships when times are hard, its okay to cry when things are hard in life, and the need to find life, and other symbolisms.  Also on Youtube I enjoy watching the Q+A videos to learn more about you. Besides your singing career, I like on how you are an activist on supporting civil rights including people with disabilities’ rights causes to reduce discrimination and heavily support the need for funds to help make that arts including entertainment be diverse along with make society unique in different ways. Also I like on how you use your role as an Asian American to help advocate for Asian American’s rights including Asian American with disabilities’ rights, express the need for educational awareness to help educate people about Asian including Asian American culture, and heavily advocate for the importance of repairing the Asian American communities.

Ms. Lui, I have autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending  on learning different advance subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate my thoughts, and get teased.  Another thing that I struggle with friendships is when some peers of my friends get judgmental or bully which results in my friends not being friends or caring about their popularity.  Your commitment to be strong supporter of civil rights including people with disabilities’ rights causes really inspires me to work hard on my disability. Also being an Asian American with a disability is difficult for me when some Asians including some Asian Americans get judgmental about me being different or not meeting their standards. However, your role as an Asian American and being an advocate for Asian American with disabilities helps give me some confidence about being an Asian American when I have challenges.

I strongly believe that you are making a great difference for society.  You are a very talented singer and you make songs come alive with creativity along with some symbolisms. You have inspire me to work hard on my disability, be a fan of your music along with watching your Youtube channel, and have some confidence when I have challenges as an Asian American. I was wondering if you could write on a sheet of paper some advice for me when I have some challenges. I have provided you with a small donation for you to use the help fund your cause or help the Asian American community.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard to make a great difference, and inspiring me. Please continue to make a great difference and use your creativity to make arts, music, and society a better place.


Matt Winick

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