Saturday, July 19, 2014

Edward M. Kennedy Institute For The United States Senate

Hi Kennedy fans and supporters of Kennedy Family,
My name is Matthew Winick and I'm a fan of Kennedy Family fan because they made great history helping people like advocating for people with disabilities, supporting Civil Rights, immigration reform, support women's rights, and equal pay. Today I got a letter from the institute after I wrote an endorsement letter by describing my support for honoring Senator Ted Kennedy with his great achievements, How The Kennedy Family help people by making a difference, and how Senator Ted Kennedy help passed a bill which help benefit me to be protect from discrimination in education including public places. Also I sent my 7 page bio of my life with honoring The Kennedy Family for benefiting and inspiring me. They also said that they will send a copy of my endorsement letter with my 7 page bio of my life to Mrs. Kennedy along with the family.  

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