Friday, March 13, 2015


Dear Members of Spica (Jiwon, Bohyung, Boa, Sihyun, and Narae)

My name is Matthew Winick, an Asian American who likes listening to K-pop and also likes to study history. The main reason I like listening to K-pop is because different artists and groups help inspire me to be interested in playing music on my Clarinet, they including this group help me help motivated with inspiration on me to learn new things when I struggle with Autism and a learning disability, and I find the songs to be interesting with catchy and humor.  Having a disability has been hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning new subjects and I get teased by other people. I even enjoy reading K-pop news because I really enjoy learning more about artist with group’s personality, how they overcome their struggle to succeed, how they make a difference in the world by promoting healthy lifestyles, giving advice to help other people, and advocating to help people with disabilities like me.  In 2012 I got excited to hear a K-pop girl group to be created and be named SPICA.  When your group debuted in 2012 I started to listen to “Russian Roulette”. “Russian Roulette” and “Potently” songs really got me even more interested to listening to more of your songs.  SPICA is a really great K-pop Girl group and I like all the members like you because all of you make a great difference for me and that all of you really make a great pop group to make your songs really catchy, humor, and motivation. My top favorite songs of yours is “Potently”, “I’ll Be There”, “Lonely”, “Russian Roulette”, “You Don’t Love Me”, “I Did It”, and “Ghost”. In 2014 I got really excited when you promote your song called I Did It with ASA Music LLC. “I Did It” was a really great song and I really think that you and the rest of the group did a great job singing English. Congrats on getting “I Did It” to be popular on youtube, in the U.S.,  and around the world. SPICA, I am sending you a copy of my story about me working hard to overcome my struggle with a disability since my childhood and today. In my story I mention with honoring this group and other K-pop Groups for making a difference for me to be motivated to learn new things and to feel confident that you and many other K-pop groups advocate for people with disabilities’ rights. I was wondering if all of you could get a chance to read it and share it with my favorite K-pop groups. I am proud to be a fan of this group and I am a proud supporter of all the members of the group. I wish all of you well for a New Year with more of your awesome music.  SPICA, I have strong confidence that you can make a great difference for the music industry, the world, and history by teach others like me to work hard to overcome struggle or promote diversity.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and to read my story.  I hope someday I can get a chance to see you perform live and get a chance to meet all of you in person to thank you for inspiring me and making a difference.
Matthew B. Winick

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