Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dean Jocelyn Benson of WSU Law School

Dean Jocelyn F. Benson
Wayne State University Law School
Room 3315
471 W. Palmer St.
Detroit, MI 48202

Dear Dean Benson,

My name is Matthew Winick from Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I have a strong interest in studying history, social justice, and government.  The main things I look for in these subjects is understanding the need to advance on Civil Rights to help protect people who are different from being discrimination, a need to reform education to help improve learning for people, and the need for government reform to reduce corruption and make them accountable on different things.   Your 2010 campaign as a candidate for Secretary of State really got me very interested in studying your work and I was very proud to vote for you. Dean Benson, I find your work on making a great difference in education, helping Michiganders, and promoting different ideas to reform government to make them work very inspiring to me. 

Dean Benson, I like your commitment to improve education to help people get active in learning how civics with government work by teaming up with Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to make ICivic better educational tool.  I wanted to say thank you for your work with Supreme Court Justice O’Connor on ICivic because the website helped me understand how government work, helped me comprehend on learning the subjects with doing interactive games with learning facts, and it helped me pass my government class in high school and college. ICivic really made a great difference for me because it helped me get interested in learning more civics, government, U.S. Constitutional amendments, and learning more about Supreme Court cases.  I liked on how you created a Michigan Allies Project to help give legal support for victims of hate crime. In Michigan I really appreciate your commitment to help Michiganders when you let the fight to keep a Secretary of State office in Beuna Vista Township from closing to help people get access to the office so they can get the help they need and your assistance to help protect voters from being discriminated or make it harder to vote in the 2008 election.  Dean Benson, “State Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process” is a great book because it helped me learn more about the role of how Secretary of State’s job, explain how elections work, explaining the laws in elections, and promoting ideas to reform Secretary of State with campaign finance reform to reduce waste, fraud, abuse, make voter registration easy for people to apply, find ways to make polls improve on allowing voters to get a chance of voting, and reduce corruption in elections with government officials.

Dean Benson, your work on making a great difference for education, writing a book “State Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process”, and helping Michiganders on advocating for reform, assisting victims of hate crime, with assisting on protecting voter’s rights really makes a great difference for history and society. Your work on these issues including assisting retired Supreme Court Justice O’Connor on ICivics really benefited me to learn more about government and Civics with helping me improve on comprehending these subjects.  Even though you didn’t win the 2010 election I wanted to say that you really made a great difference for Michigan and with your hard work and commitment to help improve society and education.  I am proud to have you as a true role model to help me become more active in learning government, voting, discovering different ways to reform government, and to continue studying history with using it as a tool. I want to wish you well as Dean of WSU Law School where you can expand on your good ideas. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and making a difference for society.


Matthew B. Winick

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