Friday, August 14, 2015

My experience meeting Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland at his event in Ann Arbor, Michigan

In July 2015, I was web searching and saw that there was an Ann Arbor Happy Hour With Governor Martin O'Malley event on 8/12/2015 where Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland was coming to Ann Arbor in Ann Arbor Brewing Company.  I clicked the link and found out that you had to pay for the ticket to attend the event. After discovering that it was too expensive for me I decided to sent an email to the O'Malley Campaign where I described about myself like how I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, explained on how Governor O'Malley is an inspiration to me, and how I sent a letter appreciating his work. The campaign responded back to me saying that they would be happy to have me as the governor's guest for the event.  I got really excited about going to the event being the Governor's guest. When I arrived at Ann Arbor Brewing Company the O'Malley campaign was very kind and very enthusiastic about me coming to the event.  Before Governor O'Malley gave a speech I enjoyed talk to other people who attended the event and I got to learn about why they came to the event and how they wanted to learn more about Governor O'Malley's work with his ideas. Governor O'Malley came in and gave a great speech about how he made Maryland become a state to pass the Dream Act, an immigration reform to help immigrants including illegal immigrants on getting an education, improve Civil Rights to reduce discrimination, have regulations on Wall Street to prevent an abuse on the American people, support the need for renewable energy and alternative energy to reduce pollution, and many others. After he gave a speech Governor O'Malley came to talk to me for 10 minutes. During the 10 minutes Governor O'Malley thanked me for being his guest for the event,  Governor O'Malley told me that he enjoyed reading my letter, was moved about how I appreciate his hard work on making a difference, and enjoyed my story about what it like to have Autism with a disability, my goals to make history better, and how i dedicated him to my story. Even he explain some of his ideas to improve society including this country and he took the time  to listen to my concerns or thoughts. After he talked to me I got a photo with him. 

When I walked outside the newspapers asked me what I thought about attending the event and my thoughts of Governor O'Malley. I explained to them on how I was very impressed about how Governor O'Malley explained his policies on Climate Change and Civil Rights.  The newspapers were very kind of me, taking the time to be patient about speaking to them, and were very interested in hearing about what I said.  After leaving the event I felt proud on that day and forever because I appreciate how the O'Malley for President Campaign including the Governor O'Malley went the extra mile for me to be a his guest for the event for free, getting a chance to meet a Governor for the 1st time, having a great conversation with Governor O'Malley including listening to my ideas or thoughts, and how the campaign workers who created with hosting the event treated me with respect.  

I really want to that the O'Malley For President campaign, Governor Martin O'Malley, and Mr. Jacob Kleinrock for taking the time to listen to my concern about attending the event, giving me a chance to be a governor's guest of the event, and meeting Governor O'Malley.


Matt Winick
My email to O'Malley Campaign about concerns about attending the event.

Governor O'Malley entering the Tap Room of Ann Arbor Brewing Company

Governor O'Malley about to give a speech

Picture of me with Governor Martin O'Malley. I had the pleasure of meeting him, talking to him, being the governor's guest, and getting a picture of me with him.

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