Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Governor David Y. Ige of Hawaii

Governor David Ige
Office of The Governor
c/o Hawaii State Capitol
5th Floor
415 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI   96813

Dear Governor Ige,

My name is Matt Winick, an Asian American from Ann Arbor, Michigan and I have a strong interest in studying history.  History is one of my favorite subjects because I like to learn the need to advance on Civil Rights to help protect people who are different from being discriminated, protect the environment from pollution by expanding on environmental protection with supporting renewable energy, find ways to improve public safety, and improve health care reform to help make public health better including assisting people get the care they need, and many others. Governor Ige, the reason I’m writing you a letter is because I find your work as Governor of Hawaii to be very inspiring to me.

In your role as current role as Governor of Hawaii, I like your commitment to be a strong supporter of strengthening Civil Rights to help protect women, minorities, people with different sexual orientation, and people with disabilities from being discriminated.  Also on Civil Rights, I liked on how you expanded protection to help protect people with disabilities from being discriminated in education including public places and increase funding for educational programs to help promote diversity of Asian Americans including Pacific Islanders. To improve public health, I was very proud on how you pushed for legislation to raise the age to 21 in order to buy cigarettes to reduce youth from getting health risks from smoking with second hand smoke and improve the Hawaii State Department of Health’s website to help consumers see how restaurants including food services do in food safety inspection.  Your commitment to protect the environment from pollution like expand funding to help protect national parks along with tourism from being polluted or disturbed and supporting renewable energy (wind, solar, biofuel, and energy efficient products) to help reduce high energy cost with reducing addiction to oil with gas is common sense. Another thing that I like about your role as Governor of Hawaii is taking the time to recognize people who work hard for the community, Hawaii, and the U.S. like environmental scientist, people with disabilities who work hard to contribute to society, women including minorities who advocate for Civil Rights, and many others.  

Governor Ige, I have Autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning different subjects or new things, sometimes I get teased by other people, and sometimes I struggle with communicating my thoughts.  Your work on supporting Civil Rights and protecting people with disabilities’ rights from being weakened really inspires me to work hard on Autism.  Also as an Asian American with a disability is hard for me because I get teased by some Asians including some Asian Americans due to them believing that I’m not perfect like them or that they believe that I don’t fit their high standards. Your role as an Asian American Governor of Hawaii, helping promote diversity, and helping people with disabilities including Asians with disabilities including Asian American with disabilities really inspires me to be condiment about being an Asian American with a disability and be interested in learning about diversity. Also your role as Governor of Hawaii really inspires me to continue being motivated to be interested in learning history, world culture, and the need for diversity. My future goal is someday teach history to help people learn the need to make society better or work in public policy to help create good ideas to make society a better place for people including people who are different. My letter is also a gift to you  for May Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month for making a great difference and to help honor influential Asian Americans who work hard to make a great difference.

I strongly believe that you are making a great difference in your current role as Governor of Hawaii.  You have inspires me to work hard on my disability, be confident about being an Asian American with a disability with being interested in Asian or Asian American culture, and to be interested in learning history with diversity.  I plan on continuing praising people who work hard to make a great difference or inspire me to continue working hard or learn more things. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard to make great achievements as Governor, and inspiring me. Please feel free to share my letter with your family and your administration. I hope someday I can visit Hawaii and I wish you well on continuing making a great difference for society.


Matt Winick

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