Friday, September 2, 2016

Daniel Radcliffe

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe
Privacy (Until Aug 07 2016)
c/o Joseph Papp Public Theatre/Newman Theater
425 Lafayette Street
New York, NY  10003

Dear Mr. Radcliffe,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your acting. My favorite movies that you played in The Harry Potter film series and Kill Your Darlings.  In 2001, I remember seeing the first Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in movie theaters and I liked it. The main reason I liked the first movie was because I enjoyed learning about Harry Potter’s origin on how he became recruited to go to Howgarts where he discovers that he is a famous wizard which makes him decide to learn magical education, seeing his interaction between Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger where they become his friends, and many others.  After watching the first movie I became more interested in watching more sequels to continue to see Harry Potter with his friends going on the journey to save the world including Hogwarts from the dark arts, explore more about Harry Potter’s early origin, and seeing Mr. Potter’s interaction between Albus Dumbledore.  Mr. Radcliffee, I thought you did an excellent job portraying Harry Potter because I liked on how you made him have great triats like not giving up on improving himself on his magical abilities when he faced some obstacle challenges, caring about his friends including his mentor,  and having Harry Potter become a great hero.  Another movie that I enjoyed that you played in was Kill Your Darlings,  a biopic movie because I enjoyed learning about the Allen Ginsberg’s writing and his life in college.  I thought you did an excellent job making Allen Ginsberg because I liked on how you made him not give up writing when he faces different challenges from his own college or his friends.

During my childhood, I use to read Harry Potter books for my school assignment.  My mom would help me read the book because I struggle with Autism that affects my learning comprehension. However when the first Harry Potter movie came out, I really liked it because the movie did an excellent job explaining the main characters,  explain the origin of Harry Potter, and understanding the plot.   Your role in Kill Your Darlings about Allen Ginsberg got me very motivated to continue my interest in learning about different famous people biographies.  How I learn about famous people is by reading biographies, seeing biopic movies to help me understand more about how they played a role in history, and researching them by visiting museums to help advance my learning.    

Mr. Radcliffe, I strongly believe that you really make a great difference in acting. I’m very proud on how you worked hard to make Harry Potter a great character in the Harry Potter film series.  Also you have inspired me to continue my interest in learning about Harry Potter’s life with his story and continue my motivation to continue my interest in learning history along with famous people’s biographies. Here is $5 as a donation for you to use to fund the theatre to help continue promoting the arts. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard to make Harry Potter series a great movie, and inspiring me. I wish you well in the future in acting and Broadway.


Matt Winick

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