Thursday, September 22, 2016

Megan Lee

Ms. Megan Lee
4001 Wilshire BLVD.
Mailbox #F215
Los Angeles, CA  90010

Dear Ms. Megan Lee,

My name is Matt Winick, an Asian American and I am a fan of K-pop with listening to you sing songs. Megan, I really think that you are very talented singer.   I enjoy watching your Youtube videos of you singing different songs and watching you play the acoustics. I really like how you do your own version of different pop artist’s songs because My favorite songs that you sing on Youtube are 8dayz, Last Christmas, Do U Want To Build A Snowman, Dreams, Call Me Maybe, See You Again, Pepero Song, and many others. Another thing that I was amazed is you write your own songs like In The Future, Love, Laugh, & Live, and Destiny.  I really like Love, Laugh, & Live song because I like how the song symbolizes about the need to have Love, find humor, and find ways to have happiness when times are hard.  After listening to the song it made me become a fan of your work.  I enjoy watching Make It Pop, a Nickeloden show because I like how the show is about K-pop artists working hard to overcome a struggle by trying to balance their personal life like friendship with other commitment and being a Kpop star.  Megan, I really like how you play Sun Hi Song and I think you do such a great job portraying her personality.  Recently, I heard that Make It Pop will have a third season and I look forward to watch it.

Your work as a K-pop Star and as an Asian American Actress is truly inspiring to me because I work hard to overcome different struggles.  I have Autism with a learning disability and having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning new things, sometimes other people tease me about having it, and when communicating with other people I have trouble speaking to them.  Another thing I face is felling like I don’t fit in into Asian American culture and sometimes Asian Americans tease me because they feel like I don’t fit in their culture due to having a disability with having struggle to be smart with successful like them. However, you are a great role model for me because I like how you help show the world including film with music by representing Asian Americans including Asians, your music helps me get motivated to be interested in K-pop, and your work including portraying your character on Make It Pop on having the confidence to work on friendship and to be confident about yourself when facing obstacles.  Megan, your work also helps me feel confident about being proud of being an Asian American, to work hard on overcoming obstacles, and having the courage to study Asian American with Asian history, culture, and have the courage to learn more about their diversity.

Megan, I am truly inspired by your work as a music writer, a K-pop star, and as an Asian American Actress. Even though I face struggles you really help inspire me and help me feel more confident about working to improve myself with working hard to be proud of being an Asian American. I wrote a story about working hard on my disability and I dedicate my story to you for helping motivate me to feel proud to be an Asian American, to work hard on overcoming my struggles, and to have the courage to be confident to explore Asian including Asian American culture. Also here is a picture of me as a gift to you to keep for inspiring me and a birthday card wishing you a Happy Birthday for September 18th. I wish you well on making youtube videos of songs, continuing your role as a K-pop star, and to do well in Make It Pop series. I look forward to support your music, your acting, and your show. Keep up the great work.
P.S. here is $10 as a gift to treat yourself.


Matt Winick

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