Saturday, May 6, 2017

Will Estes Blue Bloods

Mr. Will Estes
Blue Bloods- Season 7 (Until April 4 2017)
c/o Broadway Stages
3rd Floor
190 Diamond Street
Brooklyn, NY  11222

Dear Mr. Estes,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your acting. My favorite tv show that you currently play in is Blue Bloods.   I enjoy the plot of  the show about the Reagan family filled with a police commissioner, NYPD Detective, a police officer, a ADA, and the rest of the family working together to help each other deal with cases or learn different approach to handle a situation.  Another thing that I like about Blue Bloods is how the Reagan Family have a meal together where they discuss different topics or learn different advices to help them.  I enjoy watching season1 through 6 because I like on how the main characters work hard to improve their traits on handling their career, dealing with finding ways to solve a cases, and improve relationships or friendship when there is an obstacle.  Mr. Estes, I really think that you do such a great job portraying NYPD Police Officer Jamie Reagan because I like on you make Office Jamie Reagan have good traits like working to improve his police skills when he struggles to be confident, caring about the Reagan Family including his partners, and having the courage to help people when they face a struggle.  In all of the seasons of Blue Bloods I really think that you do such an excellent job making Officer Jamie Reagan a great character on making him overcome his challenge like dealing with Post-Shooting Trauma, having to juggle with different patrol officers, and trying to have a working relationship between Officer Eddie Janko even though he has feelings for her.  Another thing that I like about your character is how you make Officer Reagan learn different advices for his father Commissioner Frank Reagan along with Detective Danny Reagan, his brother, and his grandfather Henry to help improve himself or how to overcome different challenges.

Mr. Estes, I strongly believe that you are doing an excellent job making Blue Bloods a great tv show and making your character Officer Jamie Reagan a great a character with great traits. I have enjoy watching every season because I like on how Officer Jamie Regan improves himself.  Here is a picture of me as a gift to you for inspiring me to be a fan of your acting and .  I was wondering if you could please explain what it is like playing on Blue Bloods.    Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, doing an excellent job making Blue Bloods a great show, and inspiring me.  I wish you well to continue filming season 7 of Blue Bloods.


Matt Winick

Will Estes handwritten letter to me

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