Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ms. Kathryn Erbe Law And Order: Criminal Intent


Ms. Kathryn Erbe
“Father” (Until Jun 12 2016)
c/o Samuel J Friedman Theatre
261 West 47th Street
New York, NY  10036

Dear Ms. Erbe,

My name is Matt Winick and I am a fan of your work as an actress in a tv show.  My favorite tv show that you played in was Law And Order Criminal Intent.  The main reason I liked Law And Order Criminal Intent was because I enjoyed on how the series had Major Case Squad where they use deductive reasoning to learn different theories on solving cases, seeing how the members of the Major Case Squad work together on solving different cases, and seeing Detective Eames work with Detective Goren on solving cases.  Ms. Erbe, I thought you did an excellent job portraying Detective Alex Eames in the show because I liked on how you made her have interesting traits like being analytical when investigating cases, being pragmatic on making decision relating to her case or making sure that her partner Detective Goren gets assistance, and many others.  In seasons 1-10, I enjoyed watching every episodes because I enjoyed seeing the working relationship between Detective Eames and Detective Goren, how both of them are loyal to each other when they face an obstacle, working to repair their friendship when they have a differences, and seeing how Eames’s investigation traits blend in with Detective Goren’s investigation traits when solving cases.  I was sad when Law and Order CI got cancelled because you, Mr. Vincent D’Onofrio, and the rest of the cast members did a great job making the show great to watch.   After the show got cancelled, I was very happy that Mr. Dick Wolf and Law and Order SVU decided to bring your character back into the Law And Order franchise.  I watched the two episodes of Law And Order SVU which were  “Acceptable Loss” and Poisoned Motive” where your character Eames teamed up with the SVU squad to stop criminals. 

Ms. Erbe, I strongly believe that you really made a great difference in the Law and Order: Criminal Intent and making your Detective Alex Eames a strong character for the show.  As a Law and Order franchise fan, I am proud to call you one of my favorite actresses for it and proud to call Law And Order: CI one of my favorite tv shows.  I was wondering if you could please share with me what it was like playing a police detective on a crime drama show because someday in the future I would like to play as a law enforcement in a crime drama show.  Here is a picture of me as a gift to you for inspiring me to be a fan of your character and the Law And Order: CI series.  I hope you can continue making your character Eames be a crossover with Dick Wolfs shows the Chicago P.D. or the Chicago series because I think that you’ll make the Dick Wolf shows great to watch and blend well with the cast. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, making your character including Law And Order: CI great to watch, and inspiring me. I wish you well for the future in acting and to do well in Broadway.


Matt Winick

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