Thursday, July 16, 2020

Mr. Scott Caan Actor (Hawaii 5-0 tv show)

Mr. Scott Caan
“Hawaii Five-O Season 7”
 c/o Eye Productions
510 18th Avenue
Honolulu, HI  96816-4442

Dear Mr. Caan,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of the Hawaii 5-0 series. The main reason I enjoy watching the series is because I like on how the show has a mix between comedy with crime, enjoy learning about each of the different main characters use their traits to combat against crime, and enjoy seeing the Hawaii setting in the show.    Mr. Caan, I think you do such a great job playing detective Danny Williams because I like on how you expand his traits like willing to work with Hawaii 5-0 team to solve different cases, have a sense of humor, having an interesting working relationship between his partner McGarrett, and many others.  I think you and Mr. Alex  O’Loughlin  do such a great job making Danny Williams and Steve McGarrett great partners in the show.  In 2010, I enjoyed watching season 1 because I enjoy learning about how the main characters developed their traits. I strongly think that you, Mr, Alex O’Loughlin,  Ms. Grace Park, Mr. Daniel Dae Kim,  Mr. Masi Oka, Mr. Chi McBride, and Mr. Jorge Garcia do such an excellent job making Hawaii 5-0 a great show.

When I was young I use to watch the old version of Hawaii 5-0 and I enjoyed watching re-run episodes. When I heard in 2010 that they are going to make a re-make of it and I got excited.  As a fan of the old version of Hawaii 5-0 show I’m very proud to call this show one of my favorites. This new version of the show does an excellent job on making all the main characters have great traits while balancing with humor including how they all are proud to have friendships. Mr. Caan, I have autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because sometimes I get teased and struggle to find friends. The Hawaii 5-0 show including the rest of the main cast members motivates me to work hard on my disability, practice to have a sense of humor, and understand the importance of friendships.

Mr. Caan I believe that you are doing an excellent job making Hawaii 5-0 a great show to watch an making you’re character fun to enjoy.   As a fan of Hawaii 5-0, I enjoy watching every episode of the show  in season 1-7. You, the rest of the cast members, and the show really inspire me to become a fan of the show, understand the need for friendship,  and have a sense of humor. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, doing an excellent job in Hawaii 5-0, and inspiring me. I wish you well on filming the rest of season 7.

Matt Winick
1045 Olivia Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI  48104

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