Friday, August 29, 2014

Dalia Lama

My letter:
 Dalai Lama
The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Thekchen Choeling Complex
Temple Road
P.O. Mcleodganj
176219 Himachal Pradesh (H.P.)

Dear Dalai Lama,

My name is Matthew Winick and I have a strong interest in history and world culture to understand not to repeat the same mistakes in the past and to learn more about how different people with diversity help shape the world with their culture. I’m a Christian, but I enjoy studying about Buddhism because I like their ideas. Your beliefs with your ideas really inspire me. We both share the same ideas like need to help the poor, believe in equal rights for everyone no matter what background they are from, human rights, and peace to end conflicts in the world. Your speeches and spreading ideas made me feel proud because we need more people coming out to help support people and help inspire people to not give up hope. Some times I dream of a world to be a better place where there is peace instead of wars and conflicts, people affording health care, poor getting help in order survive, people having equal rights with human rights from discrimination along with oppressive government, and protecting the environment to help improve better life quality for people along with animals from pollution. When I wake up every day I find life is hard for me because I get teased by people because I'm different. I work hard to do the best as I can and to help other people. Currently I’m a volunteer at a children’s museum to help teach children by doing hands on science demonstrations because I strongly believe that an education is a right, not a privilege no matter what preference people come from. As Asian American, volunteer, student, and an idealist I strongly believe in peace, human rights with equal rights for everyone, protect the environment for better quality of life, and to help the poor who are struggling. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  I’ll pray for you to do well and keep using your ideas to help people benefit well in the world.


Matthew B. Winick  

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