Saturday, August 30, 2014

George H.W. Bush Letter

June 9, 2014
George H.W. Bush
P.O. Box 79798

Houston, TX 77279-9798

Dear President Bush,
My name is Matt Winick. I am a student at Washtenaw Community College studying world history, U.S. History, Criminal Justice, and some business. The reason I like to study history is because I like to learn how famous people who do good work to help the world, find ways to help improve the country with ideas, learn not to repeat the same mistakes, and look for president’s goals with their achievements which made an impact on this country. History and most famous people inspire me to think of good things, motivate me to learn, and help the community.
        When you were president I liked when you signed the Disability Act of 1990 for the disabled people including me. I have autism with a learning disability.  With this act it helps people who have a disability have a chance in life and helps them for the future along with protecting them from discrimination. This act really benefited me because it helped me have a teacher assistant for elementary school to high school, have special education help me with learning on different subjects, and having fair accommodations like recording lectures with taking time on exams helped me with going to college to get an education.  The Americans With Disability Act of 1990 made me feel safe and to help me fit with other people. This act is helping many people with disability from being discriminated in education, jobs, and housing.
        Besides the American With Disability Act of 1990 I enjoy learning about how as a one-term president like you made great achievements like Clean Air Act of 1990 which required cleaning burning fuel with to reduce carbon emissions and allow for clean with alternative energy.  Radiation Exposure Compensation Act which help people who got cancer from working on nuclear testing with compensation. Immigration Act of 1990 which helped fix visas and improve on immigration quotas with student Visas. Civil Rights Act of 1991 which help protect employee’s rights from being discriminated in a workplace. Along with having a budget which had some increased revenue with some spending cuts which helped the economy. Your “Points of Light” speech along with creating the Points of Light Foundation to help promote volunteerism made an impact on my life to help my community. I am a current volunteer at Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, a children’s museum in Michigan. As a volunteer at the museum I help teach children to learn how
to do hands on activities with teaching them through demonstrations and work with other volunteers to help perform task.
I wrote a short memoir on how you made an impact on my life with your legislation to help end discrimination for people with disabilities. I hope you get a chance to read my story. Thank you for your hard work to help America including people like me with your achievements.

Matthew B. Winick

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