Monday, September 29, 2014

Alan K. Simpson letter

Senator Alan K. Simpson
1201 Sunshine Avenue
Cody, Wyoming 82414
Dear Senator Simpson,

My name is Matthew Winick, who recently graduated from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.  My main focus in Liberal Arts is history, political science, world culture, some business, and some science. I enjoy learning these subjects especially history because I really enjoy learning the need for government to help people with different needs, find ways to protect the environment by using clean alternative energy to reduce pollution, to find ways to improve Civil Rights to end discrimination for people who are different, and to make a world a better place by improving human rights, immigration reform to help the refugees or other immigrants, and finding ways to improve relations with other foreign countries. Senator Simpson I want to really say thank you for your work with support on the bipartisan bill The American With Disabilities Act with Senator Bob Dole, Tom Harkin, Ted Kennedy, Richard Lugar, and John Warner. The ADA helps benefit me with educational programs, accommodations, and assistance due to my learning disability with Autism. Having the disability is hard because I have trouble comprehending on learning new subjects and it takes me a lot of time to learn new things. The ADA put me in special education classes to help me improve comprehension with getting assistance on getting classwork with homework done. The Special education classes really benefited me through middle school through high school by having a teacher with a T.A. to work with me on different subjects and to help me with comprehension. The accommodations from the ADA like extra time on exams, take exams in a different setting to reduce distractions, and record lectures to help improve my note taking really help me to work with improving on my comprehension. Beside the ADA benefiting me on education it helped improve technology which really helped me. In technology the ADA helped me by having technology software programs to read when typing papers or highlighting articles or reading passages to me to help me learn subjects with benefiting me to comprehend on subjects. Also the ADA made technology useful by having audio books which helped me with comprehension when reading books, also it helped improve my speech by having software listen to me speak to help improve my speech patterns, and when watching T.V. or movies close captions really help me improve on vocabulary with understanding people speaking.

During President Obama’s first term when he created National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform I was very proud that you had the courage to join Mr. Erskine Bowles, a Democrat to work on the Simpsons-Bowles plan, a bipartisan idea to help improve the economy from being in a recession.  At Washtenaw Community College I took a class “Intro To Business”. I really enjoy the class because I learn how business works, understand the need to help small business, learn about liability with patent rules, and rules that affect businesses. My business teacher Kimberly Hurns really helped get me inspired to learn about business, economy,  and understanding about budget.  She recommended me to look at the Simpson Bowles plan by reading about your plan and doing budget simulations to learn more about your plan. Studying econ, business, and budget was hard for me. However I really had fun understanding business from my teacher and learning more about the Simpson Bowles plan from you and Mr. Bowles. You and Mr. Bowles really make a great team and really make a difference showing bipartisan approach. When studying your plan I really agreed with the need to increase revenue like ending taxbreaks for corporations that send jobs overseas or raise taxes on the wealthy, the need for job training programs, and the need for health care reform. I was disappointed when Congress which is in gridlock rejected your and MR. Bowles bipartisan idea, however I felt proud of your bipartisan work with another political party to find ways to improve the economy.

Senator Simpson thanks for taking the time to read my letter. Thank you for your hard work on the ADA which help benefit me for the future in education and civil rights. Senator Simpson I am proud of you for not using ideology or controversial views when working on bipartisan ideas with another political party.  Your courage on being bipartisan, being a moderate, and finding ways to improve society really makes a great difference in our country and inspires me to continue on learning new subjects and to create new ideas to make society better for the future. Also I was wondering if you could please share my letter with Mr. Bowles. I wish you well in life, keep up the good work, and keep advocating with Mr. Bowles on the need for your plan to get support from the people.

Matthew B. Winick

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