Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Governor Lincoln Chafee handwritten letter to me

My letter:
Governor Lincoln D. Chafee

Office of Constituent Services

State House, Room 115

82 Smith Street

Providence, RI 02903
Dear Governor Chafee,
My name is Matthew Winick, from Ann Arbor, MI and I am a fan of your father Senator John Chafee’s work including you. Your father Senator John Chafee from Rhode Island was a great senator because He along with Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Bob Dole, Senator George Mitchell, and Senator Ted Kennedy on a bipartisan bill known as The Americans With Disabilities act of 1990. This legislation along with your father’s assistance on the bill helped benefit me because I have autism with a learning disability. Having a disability has been hard because I have trouble comprehending on learning new subjects and sometimes I get teased because I’m different from other people. The ADA helped me because it helped me get an education by creating special education group which helped me with catching up on homework, having a T.A. to help me and to protect me from being teased or be judged by other people from elementary school to high school, also this act helped me with getting accommodations in school including college like extra time on exams including homework, take exams in a different setting to reduce distractions, and record lectures to help me take notes.  Your father was a great moderate Republican Senator who cared about people’s right, protect the environment, and support healthcare reform.
Governor Chafee I am sorry about your father passing away. He was a great man who helped benefit me. Governor Chaffee I think you have done a great job of keeping your father’s legacy with your moderate approach. I am proud of you for breaking your own Republican Party to support equal rights for gays with lesbians, help protect the environment from pollution, and help improve Civil Rights to help protect people who are different.  Your book Against The Tide was really great and I enjoy reading about how you used your moderate to help people including me with the country. You and your father have made a great difference in history with your moderate views with that you both truly inspire me and I am proud to call you both my heroes for American History. Best wishes for you for the future and continuing your role as Governor of Rhode Island.

Matthew B. Winick  

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