Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bob Barker

Dear Mr. Barker,

My name is Matthew Winick and I use to watch The Price is Right. Mr. Barker I enjoyed watching you host The Price Is Right. You made the show fun to watch.  Congrats for hosting the show for 50 years as a game host. I want to wish you well on retirement and thank you for your handwork making The Price IS Right show fun to watch. Besides watching your show I am truly inspired by your work on advocating for animal rights.  I agree with you the need to treat animals well and respect them when raising them on farm or somewhere else. I started to change my diet with less meat and start eating soy with veggie burger and tofu. Mr. Barker I have a strong interest in history and I really think you made history by making your gameshow strong and ale your activism to help protect animals.  Thanks for making The Price is Right show strong and fun to watch. Have a great year and I wish you well. 


Matthew B. Winick  

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