Saturday, May 9, 2015

CBS Face The Nation Bob Schieffer

Mr. Bob Schieffer
CBS News/ Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer
2020 M Street NW
Washington, DC  20036
Dear Mr. Schieffer,
 My name is Matthew Winick and I am a fan of your work as a reporter for CBS and also your work as a host for Face The Nation.  The reason I am writing you a letter is because I heard that you will retire later this summer and I wanted to say that you are a true inspiration to me to get interested in learning about government policy including history. I want to use what I learn from studying history including government to understand the need to advance on Civil Rights to protect people who are discriminated, the need to protect the environment from pollution to improve public safety, strong need for government reform like campaign finance reform with disclosure rules to reduce corruption in elections and government officials, and many others. Mr. Schieffer, I really liked you as a news media reporter with correspondent because I really like how you are balanced when doing a debate with other people including different politicians including candidates, taking the time to honor famous people who work hard to make a great difference, and advocating for the need to have government reform to reduce corruption with the need to advance on Civil Rights to help protect people who are different like me from being discriminated.  

Mr. Schieffer, I have Autism with a learning disability and having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning new subjects, have trouble speaking when communicating with other people, and I get teased about having it. Your work as a CBS reporter, a correspondent in 60 minutes, and host of Face The Nation really helped me get the resources like your interviews with activist including candidates and political figures, your commentary with interview different people in 60 minutes about the issues that we face or working to help viewers understand the problem, and taking the time to remember or explain to viewers about different famous people who work hard to make a difference like Ted Kennedy really helped me pass my classes in history and government because it was easy for me to comprehend through your work and you asked the right questions when interviewing people which helped me expand on learning different issues.  My favorite episodes of Face The Nation are when you interviewed my Congressman John Dingell about his legacy, interviewed General Colin Powell about his moderate stance on different issues, and when you interview Senator Mark Udall of Colorado on the need to reduce NSA surveillance. Besides the interviews on Face The Nation, I really like your input on things like addressing the need to reduce money in elections to reduce corruption, grilling people who have controversial views with proven facts, and expressing the need for Civil Rights to end discrimination. Your work really inspires me to continue my pursuit for history, working on ideas to make society better, exploring different issues that we face, and use different resources to help improve on my disability with comprehension.

I am sending you a thank you card to thank you for your hard work as a CBS reporter and making a great difference for the media.  Also I’m sending you a story about working hard on my disability with mentioning how you really helped inspired me with making a difference. Also my story I included on my ideas to make society better because of your work on addressing the need for reform. I want to wish you well when you retire and I strongly believe that you really made a great difference in the media and history by presenting facts, addressing the need for reform with protect people who are different from discrimination, having a great balance when moderating debates, and using history as a tool to remind us not to repeat the same mistakes. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, making a great difference, and working hard to make society better.

Matthew B. Winick

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