Saturday, May 16, 2015

Former Attorney General Mike Moore of Mississippi

Attorney Mike Moore
c/o Mike Moore Law Firm, LLC
P.O. Box 321048
Flowood, MS 39232
Dear Attorney Moore,

My name is Matthew Winick from Ann Arbor, Michigan and I find your work as Attorney General of Mississippi on improving social justice with serving the people instead of the special interest or lobbying groups and finding ways to reduce crime by assisting non-profit organizations to help children including children who are in poverty or who are born in a heavy crime areas to reduce strict sentencing with reducing crime to be very inspiring to me. Attorney Moore, I have a strong interest in studying history and learning about social justice because I like to understand the need to advance on Civil Rights to protect people who are different from discrimination, the need to help people get the health care they need, the need to protect the environment from pollution, a strong need to help protect victim rights from being abused by the system or other factors, and many others. I plan on using what I learn for the future is to use history with learning about social justice to teach people about the need to reform society and find ways to make society better for people

When you were Attorney General of Mississippi, I liked on how you teamed up with other state attorney generals to sue the tobacco companies to make the companies pay to help the state including victims of smoke-related illness to get the health care they need.  Also on the tobacco issue I like on how you made the argument like the tobacco companies should pay for medical bills and making the case that diseases like lung cancer, heart disease, oral cancer, and many other diseases are caused by the tobacco products. Another thing I was amazed on how you were able to settlement money from the tobacco companies to help pay victims of smoke related illness with making them pay money to the state and I liked on how you made an agreement with tobacco companies like they can’t air an ad targeting youth and cartoon and other advertising characters like Joe Camel and Marlboro Man are not allowed to be used.  I enjoyed reading “15 Years Later, Where Did All The Cigarette Money Go?”, an NPR article and listening to NPR interview you about you battling the tobacco companies   because I liked on how you stood with the victims including people against the  special interest groups when the special interest groups causes damage or corruption.  Another thing I liked about your work as an Attorney General was you asking the Mississippi state legislature to provide money for Boys and Girl Club and other organizations to help children who are low poverty or who are born in areas with high crime areas to protect them from crime and to reduce them getting involved in criminal activities instead of strict sentencing.  Besides your role as Attorney General of Mississippi I find your work as an attorney at Mike Moore Law Firm, LLC to help people with the need for health care assistance, help protect people who are different from discrimination, being an activist to help promote the need for programs with helping promote with advocating for the need to have boys and girl club to help children from going into crime, and being active on different tobacco prevention program to help expand protection to people and to help educate people about the dangers of smoking with using tobacco. 

Your work as an Attorney General of Mississippi and as an attorney at Mike Moore Law Firm, LLC helped me get inspired to take an intro to criminal justice class at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the class I got to learn more about how the system works, Miranda rights, different laws with Supreme Court cases, law enforcement, and different ways to improve the system with reforming it.  In my Intro to Criminal justice class my instructor spent a day giving a lecture about the lawsuits against the tobacco companies with showing us your work on combating against the tobacco companies. When he presented your work on combating against special interest groups to help serve the people I got inspired to do research about your work on finding ways to make a difference and also your work shows a great example of what the criminal justice system needs to be and how the role of attorney general should be when help serve the people instead of ideology or siding along with special interest groups.  Another thing that I agree with you is that there is a strong need for programs with organizations to help kids from turning to crime and a need for community service program with treatment programs to help juveniles to rehabilitate instead of strict sentencing.

Attorney Moore, you make a great example of what an Attorney General needs to be by serving the people with assisting victim’s rights from being abused and finding ways to have programs to help children from turning to crime with helping juveniles get rehabilitated with community service with treatment options instead of strict sentencing. I am very proud of your work on helping victims of smoke related illnesses get the care they need, helping protect the youth from turning to drugs, and helping tobacco prevention groups expand on educating the need to reduce tobacco with smoking addiction with addressing the health risk of smoking with using tobacco. Your work has helped get me motivated to study the criminal justice system with understanding the need for reform with continue having the motivation to study history with social justice. I strongly believe that you made a great difference in history, society, and the criminal justice system. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard to make a difference, and inspiring me to continue learning with exploring different ideas.  I want to wish you well at Mike Moore Law Firm, LLC where you can continue making a difference for society and please continue your campaign to reduce smoking with tobacco addiction and the need to help children from turning to crime.

Matthew B. Winick

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