Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mr. Bill Nye

Mr. Bill Nye
The Planetary Society
85 South Grand Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105

Dear Mr. Nye,

My name is Matt Winick and I am proud to call you a true inspiration to me because your show Bill Nye The Science Guy and your activism to make a world a better place by having better environment protection, improving education, and finding ways to help people with disabilities with education helped me get motivated to be interested in learning different subjects.  Mr. Nye, I have Autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning different subjects at a fast pace, when working on completing assignments it take me longer, and I get teased by other people.  However, I am grateful of your work on making education including learning more comprehensive.  In elementary school and through out my education I enjoyed watching your show Bill Nye The Science Guy. Bill Nye The Science Guy was a great show and it helped me understand science and it helped me get motivated to learn different subjects through your creative personality, hands-on approach, and explaining different topics in a way where I can easily comprehend on understanding the topic.  I enjoyed watching all the episodes of the show.  Also I enjoyed your comedy with humor on making science and education interesting.  

After your show ended I continued watching you work on making science interesting and showing awareness on the need to deal with climate change.  I agree with you on the need to deal with climate change like protecting the environment by using renewable energy like wind, solar, biofuel, and energy efficient products to reduce pollution and high energy cost including conservation while having a balance of way of life for people to live. Another thing I agree with you is the need to improve with funding education and finding ways to improve learning so everyone can get an education and be able to comprehend on learning.  Mr. Nye, your work on finding ways to improve society and find ways to make education easy to comprehend really inspired me to be interested in studying with learning history to understand the need to improve society with the need for reform and volunteering at Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, a children’s science museum to work with children to find ways to use hands-on approach with demonstrations to help them learn about science.   I am also sending you my story about working on my struggles with a disability and how you helped me be inspired to learn and to making learning easy to comprehend.

Mr. Nye, Thanks for your hard work to make learning fun with your creative and hand-on approach with humor. Your activism to make a world a better place really inspires me to be motivated to learn different subjects including history.  In the future I plan on using what I learn to teach history including finding ways to make learning by being creative, easy to comprehend, and use hands-on or easy assignments to motivate people to learn the need to improve Civil Rights to end discrimination for people who are different, a strong need to protect the environment by using renewable energy or alternative energy with environment protection to reduce pollution and to better improve the way of life, the need to find ways to improve education, and many others. From a person with a strong interest in learning and from a history perspective I believe that you make a great difference for me and all over the world by working on ways to improve society. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and please read my story about working to overcome my struggles.


Matt Winick 

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