Monday, April 17, 2017

Mr. Hill Harper


Mr. Hill Harper
Limitless-Season 1 (until Dec 10 2015)
c/o Sound Stages
Suite 3A
268 Norman Avenue
Greenpoint, NY  11222

Dear Mr. Harper,

My name is Matt Winick and I am a fan of your work as an actor in different tv shows, as an author, and as an activist on advocating to make society better.   My favorite tv shows that you played in were CSI:NY and Covert Affairs.  In CSI NY, I enjoyed watching seasons 1-9 and also I your character Dr. Sheldon Hawkes a very interesting character.  Mr. Harper, I thought you did a great job portraying Sheldon Hawkes because I like on how you make Dr. Hawkins have a compassion for his team, helping victims on different cases, and being resourceful at analyzing different forensics to help the team solve cases.  After CSI NY ended, I got excited to hear that you were going to star in Covert Affairs tv show on USA Network.   Covert Affairs is one of my favorite shows on USA Network because I liked the plot of the show about a young CIA trainee Annie Walker works for the DPD as a field agent where she works hard on balance between being an agent and her personal life. In season 4-5, I enjoyed watching you play as Calder Michaels who becomes the new head of the DPD because I like on seeing on how Calder work hard on protecting the team while working out his conflicts between Annie and Joan.  Also in season 4-5 of Covert Affairs, I really liked on how you made Calder have an interesting role in playing or dealing with politics to get things done.

Your role in CSI NY got me to be very interested in taking an intro to criminal justice  class at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In the class I got to learn on how the court system works, Miranda Rights, law enforcement, different Supreme Court cases, and many others. Also in my class my instructor showed us some Forensic Files a tv show explaining on how forensic science works.   I enjoyed learning about how the criminal justice works,  my instructor working with me on creating ideas to reform the criminal justice system, and learning on how some forensic science plays a big part in the criminal justice system.  Besides your acting career,  I really like on how you are an activist on making society better by being an advocate to help minorities get assistance from being discriminated, sharing your story about your life experience as an African American to help other African Americans learn about the need to work hard on overcoming their struggles,  and supporting the back to school backpack campaign to help disadvantage students get the school supplies they need to get an education in school. Also I really like your work as an author and my favorite books that I read are “ and “Letters to a young brother: Manfest Your Destiny” Letter to an Incarcerated Brother: Encouragement, Hope and Healing for Inmates and Their Loves Ones.” These are my favorite books because it helped me understand what it is like for a minority to struggle in the world with poverty, being judged based on race, and how they work hard to get an education and also it does a great job emphasizing the need to help people help one another work hard to overcome an obstacles. 

Mr. Harper, I’m proud to consider you one of my favorite actors because you do such a great job making your characters have an interesting role in different tv shows. Also your activism makes a great difference for society including your work as an author. I’m sending you a donation for you to use to donate to help disadvantage children get the supplies they need for schools.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard on making tv shows great, and inspiring with your work. Keep up the good work in acting.


Matt Winick

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