Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ms. Carol Burnett


Ms. Carol Burnett
c/o Mabel Cat, Inc.
Suite 643
9663 Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA  90210-4303
Dear Ms. Burnett,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your work as a comedian, as an actress, and as an activist.  My favorite movies that you played in were Pete n Tillie, The Four Seasons, Annie, Noises Off, and Horton Hears a Who!. In The Four Seasons, I thought you and Mr. Alan Alda did a great job making this movie fun and funny to watch.  In the movie you did a great job playing Kate because I liked on how you her have humor while having different traits like being well organized when playing trips. I really enjoyed The Four Seasons because I enjoyed the plot about marred couples who live in New York City and takes trips during each different seasons.  Dr. Seuss’s books are my favorite to read because I enjoyed the story, learning about different symbolism ranging from friendship to courage including many others, and how it had humor.   In 2008, I really enjoyed watching Horton Hears a Who because I enjoyed the plot of the movie about Horton, an elephant who has a great personality where he cares for other animals including people where he works hard to protect a clover which is a community for tiny creatures and overcome different challenges.   In the movie I really liked on how Horton works hard on trying to fit in with other animals and having the courage to forgive some animals that humiliate him.  Ms. Burnett, I thought you did a great job playing The Sour Kangaroo because I liked on how you made the Sour Kangaroo have humor while being an antagonist and later changes to be friends with Horton after he forgives her.   Another thing is I enjoyed watching reruns of The Carol Burnett Show because I liked on how you made each episode funny with your sense of humor, giving funny looks at certain jokes, and making the show have appropriate humor.  Also I really liked on how you did a great job working with different actors or celebrities on making each episode fun and funny to watch.  My favorite parts of The Carol Burnett Show was The Butler and The Maid, The Queen Palace Guard, Mrs. Wiggins: The Intercom, parody of Star Trek, and many others. The main reasons I really like the show is because I liked on how you were able to play in different roles.

Besides your acting career, I find your activism on helping fund the arts to help people with different skills ranging from artist through acting careers get the education they need and make arts come alive.  Also on your activism I like on how you advocate for helping people with disabilities. “This Time Together” was a great memoir because I enjoyed learning about how you work hard to overcome your struggles with your parents who suffered from alcoholism, being successful is staring in Once Upon a Mattress, a Broadway show, your work in comedic career in different shows including The Carol Burnett Show, and sharing fun stories about working with different stars including making friends like Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Lucille Ball, Julie Andrews.  Your book helped me get interested in studying history to learn about how different famous people work hard to make a difference in different roles and learn more about different actors or actresses playing in different movies or shows.  I have Autism  and having Autism is hard for me because I struggle with learning different subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate my thoughts, and get teased by other people. Your work in comedy and as an activist really inspires me to work hard at Autism and learn on how having a sense of humor can help you or help expand your personality.

Ms. Burnett, I strongly believe that you make a great difference in history, comedy, and society in your roles. I’m very proud on how you worked hard at overcoming different struggles to make great achievements.  You have inspired me to be interested in continuing learning history, understand more about people’s lives with their work, and work hard on Autism with finding sense of humor to help me feel confident.  I was wondering if you could please share some advice about having a sense of humor to help me feel confident around people or have conversations with people. Here is a birthday card with a drawing of a maid from The Caron Burnett Show wishing you a Happy Birthday for April 26 with a small donation for you to use to donate to continue funding arts. I have included a picture of me with a flag as a gift to you to keep for inspiring me. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, overcoming different challenges to make comedy great to watch, and inspiring me. I wish you well for the future.


Matt Winick

Birthday Card that I made for Ms. Carol Burnett 

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