Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ms. Glenn Close

Ms. Glenn Close
Sunset Boulevard (Until Jun 25 2017)
c/o Palace Theatre
1564 Broadway
between 7th Avenue & W 47th Street
New York, NY  10036
Dear Ms. Close,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your acting.  My favorite movies that you played in are Disney Tarzan,  Disney 101 Dalmatians, Hamlet, Paradise Road, and The Paper. In Disney Tarzan, I enjoyed the plot about a young boy who is stranded in a jungle where his parents are killed and is later taken care by an Ape Kala, and Tarzan decided where he belongs.   I thought you did an excellent job voicing as Kala because I liked on how you made her have a great traits like not giving up on raising Tarzan when Kerchak or other Apes didn’t a agree with her or support her and giving Tarzan some advice about working hard on overcoming obstacles or understanding himself when other people would judge him.  Paradise Road was a very powerful movie due to it being based on historical about women who are in a prison camp by the Japanese during World War II where they work hard to survive their struggles of being tortured and having to due hard labor. Another tv show that I enjoyed watching that you played in was The Shield.  The Shield was an interesting show about the criminal justice having corrupt cops and law enforcement working hard to combat against corruption in the LAPD department.  In season 4, I liked on how you made Captain Monica Rawling a great character for the season because  I liked on how you made Captain Rawlings have interesting traits like wanting to reform the police department to reduce corruption including find ways to reduce discrimination policies for women.   

Besides your career in acting I really like on how you are an activist for women’s rights, people with disabilities’ rights, protecting the environment from pollution, and many others.  In your role as trustee of The Wildlife Conservation Society I really like on how you support the need to protect wildlife from being harmed by poachers and the need to combat against illegal sales of wild animals.  On the mental health issue, I’m amazed on how you created BringChange2Mind, a campaign to combat against discrimination for people with mental illness along with donate money to programs to help people with mental illness or people with disabilities get help through health care.   Ms. Close, I have Autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning different subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate my thoughts, and get teased.  Another thing that I struggle with a disability is  when people get judgmental or use prejudice on based on a disability, lose some friends due to them judging me or when some of their friends have some of the same view, and many others.  Your commitment to be an advocate for people with disabilities’ rights and be a strong supporter of Civil Rights really inspires me to work hard on my disability. Your activism motivates me to be interested in continuing learning history, learn the importance of protecting the environment, and the need to protect women’s rights.

Ms. Close, I think that you are a great actress and you do such an excellent job  making your characters have great traits. Also I’m very proud on how you are making a great difference for society through your activism. You have inspired me to work hard on my disability and to continue to learn different subjects. I was wondering if you could please share some advice about working hard on a disability. Here is a picture of me as a gift to you for inspiring me and $5 for you to donate to a charity to help people with disabilities.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, making film with movies great to watch,  making a difference for society, and inspiring me. I wish you well to continue to make a entertainment and society a better place.


Matt Winick

Glenn Close handwritten letter to me.

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