Saturday, December 12, 2020

Sheriff John Mina of Orange County, Florida


Sheriff John W. Mina                         

c/o Office of the Sheriff

Orang County Sheriff’s Office

PO Box 1440

Orlando, FL  32802


Dear Sheriff Mina,


My name is Matt Winick from Ann Arbor, Michigan and I have a strong interest in learning history, social justice, and criminal justice reform. In these subjects, I like to learn the need for civil rights to be stronger to reduce discrimination, protecting the environment from pollution,  a strong need for criminal justice reform to help protect people’s rights while reduce crime, and many others. Sheriff Mina, the main reason I’m writing you a letter is to explain how I find your work as Sheriff of Orange County, Florida to be very inspiring to me.


In your current role as Sheriff of Orange County, Florida, I truly appreciate on how you are a strong supporter of Civil Rights by advocating for people with disabilities’ rights, combating against hate-crime to help protect minorities including people who are different from harm, and heavily advocate for the need to reduce racial profiling to help protect minorities including immigrants from being oppressed.  Supporting drug treatment programs to help drug-users get the care they need to reduce drug-abuse, working to expand law enforcement resources to help victims of crime or victims of domestic violence get help on dealing with their trauma, pushing for recreational or volunteering programs to help encourage youth including people to help their community instead of turning to crime, and expressing the need to expand funds to improve DNA testing including forensic science to help solve evidence while reduce sending an innocent person to jail is common sense for criminal justice reform. Also on ethics reform, I like on how you expanded investigation units to investigate law enforcement who are corrupt or commit police misconduct. Another thing that I like about your work as Sheriff of Orange County, Florida is how you support community policing to have law enforcement engage with the community to reduce tensions, expand on training for law enforcement to find ways to use different methods on handling situations, working to expand mental health services to help people who struggle with mental issues get the care they need, and support the idea of police body cameras to investigate any police misconduct. Also I like on you push for educational awareness programs to help educate people about the need to reduce gun violence, drug abuse, and bullying.


Sheriff Mina, , I have autism with a learning disability. a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning different advance subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate my thoughts, and get teased.  Your commitment to be a strong supporter of Civil Rights including people with disabilities’ rights really inspires me to work hard on my disability. Also your role as current Sheriff of Orange County, Florida gives me motivation to continue to learn history including social justice. Also on Youtube I enjoy watching you talk about criminal justice reform and ideas to reform the police. My future goal is to someday work in these areas to help emphasize the need to make Civil Rights stronger to reduce discrimination, protect people’s rights while reduce crime, and many others.  Also my letter is a gift to you for inspiring me.


I strongly believe that you are making a great difference.  I’m very proud on how you are working hard to support Civil Rights and push for criminal justice reform.  You have inspired me to work hard on my disability and to continue to learn history including social justice.  Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard to make a great difference, and inspiring me.  I wish you the best to continue to make a great difference.




Matt Winick


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