Monday, December 5, 2022

Fionnula Flanagan actress



Ms. Fionnula Flanagan

13438 Java Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210-1124

Dear Ms. Flanagan,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your acting. My favorite tv show that you played in was Brotherhood. Brotherhood was a great show about Tommy Caffee,  who is a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives who finds out that his brother Michael Caffee, who is a gangster comes back into his life including the Caffee family.  Ms. Flanagan, I thought you did an excellent job portraying as Rose Caffee because I liked on how you made her have different unique traits like caring about her sons Tommy and Michael’s wellbeing, working hard to help try to fix the Caffee family when they have hard times, and many others. Also what I liked about your character Rose Caffee was how she would work hard to try to make Tommy and Michael get along when they have differences, have compassion for people who have different struggles or when her own family have challenges, and continue to find different methods to improve herself when she faces different obstacles in life or navigating society when it gets tough. I really enjoyed watching seasons 1-3 of Brotherhood. One of my favorite movies that you played in was James Joyce’s Women. James Joyce’s Women was interesting movie where it explored Nora Barnacle’s life including her marriage with James Joyce and her interaction with other women during that time period. In James Joyce’s Women, I had enjoyed learning about influential women like Nora Barnacle and Harriet Shaw Weaver and how they help change the world like being a suffragist on speaking on how women should have the right to vote and supporting the idea of helping the lower class. 

Besides your acting career, I truly appreciate on how you are a strong supporter of civil rights including people with disabilities’ rights causes to reduce discrimination. Also I like on how you are an advocate for environmental protection causes to reduce pollution. Ms. Flanagan, I have autism with a learning disability.  Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending on learning different advance subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate my thoughts in different settings, and get teased.  Another thing that I struggle with a disability is when other people including other adults get judgmental about me being different from them and have struggles to find different methods to improve myself.  Also I had done teaching time to help me learn to speak while learn how to improve my behavior, spent time in special education to help me learn different subjects in education, and many others.  Your commitment to be a strong supporter of civil rights including people with disabilities’ rights causes really inspires me to work hard on my disability and helps give me motivation to try to find different methods to improve myself when there are challenges. Your character Rose Caffee in Brotherhood helps give me some motivation to develop along with continue compassion when they world gets challenging or life is hard. Also your role in different historical based movies or biopic movies makes me continue to learn history. In history, I like to learn the need for civil rights to reduce discrimination, learn how different influential people (minorities, immigrants, women, and people with disabilities) who work hard to make a great difference or impact on society, protect the environment from pollution, and many others. 

I strongly believe that you are a very talented actress. You did such an excellent job making Rose Caffee a great character with different unique traits in Brotherhood and making historical based movies including other movies to watch. You truly inspire me to work hard on my disability, be a fan of your acting, find different methods to improve myself when there are challenges, and continue to learn history. I was wondering if you could please personalize a nice message on a photo of you and if you could give me some advice about working hard on my disability. I have provided a small birthday card wishing you a Happy Birthday for December 10th and my letter is a gift to you for inspiring me. Please continue to make a impact on society and acting.


Matt Winick

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