Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ms. Dana Delany actress (Body of Proof tv show and Superman Animated Series)



Ms. Dana Delany

3435 Ocean Park Blvd.

Suite 112-N

Santa Monica, CA  90405

Dear Ms. Delany,

My name is Matt Winick and I’m a fan of your acting. My favorite tv show that you played in was Body of Proof and in Superman the Animated series.  Body of Proof was a great tv show because I enjoyed the plot of the show about Dr. Megan Hunt, a medical examiner who works hard to balance her personal life with her work life.   Ms. Delany, I thought you did an excellent job portraying as Dr. Megan Hunt because I liked on how you made her have great traits like working hard to overcome her struggles on dealing with her past when she made a mistake on a patient, being efficient on evaluating evidence including the body to figure out the cause of the death to help detectives solve a case, and trying to improve her relationship with her daughter when they don’t get along.  I enjoyed watching every episode in season 1 through 3 because I liked seeing how Dr. Megan Hunt would be working hard to improver herself while help solve cases.  In the Superman Animated series I had fun watching it because I liked seeing how Superman would work hard to understand his abilities to fight crime while try to balance his life with Clark Kent.  You did a great job voicing as Lois Lane in Superman Animated Series because I liked on how you made Lois Lane have compassionate for Superman when other people judge him or are scared of him, willing to work to get the truth out in her investigating report, and many others.  

Besides your acting career, I like your activism on helping to improve society by working on a campaign to support fund to find a cure for scleroderma,  advocate for Civil Rights including people with disabilities’ rights,  work with different actors including actresses in Creative Coalition  to help support the arts including public education, and support Planned Parenthood to help improve women’ health.  Ms. Delany, I have autism with a learning disability. Having a disability is hard for me because I have trouble comprehending learning different advance subjects, sometimes I struggle to communicate my thoughts, and get teased. Your advocacy with support for people with disabilities’ rights really inspires me to work hard on my disability.  Your role as Lois Lane in The Superman Animated series helped me continue to be motivated to be a fan of Superman.  

I strongly believe that you are a very talented actress because you do such an excellent job making your characters have different unique traits.  Also you made Body of Proof a great tv show to watch. Your activism to improve society is very inspiration and common sense.  You have inspired me to work hard on my disability and be a fan of your acting. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, working hard to make tv shows great,  having the courage to be an activist to make society a better place, and inspiring me.  I wish you the best for the future in acting.


Matt Winick

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